Café Yojiya is a café with a signature product – aburatorigami paper used to absorb oil from skin). Aburatorigami is a traditional gift from Kyoto. You can find Café Yojiya at Sanjo, Sagano Higashiyama, Ginkakuji and Gion.
Keihan About 5-mins walk from East of Gion Shijo Station (to Gion Shop)

About 5-mins walk from west of Demachiyanagi Keihan Station is the famous old shop called Demachi Futaba – a Japanese sweet confectionary shop. It is famous for its Mamemochi, a rice cake with red beans. The shop has lines of customers almost everyday.
Keihan About 4-mins walk from West of Demachiyanagi Station

This is Ajyarimochi, a signature Japanese confectionary by Mangetsu. Located at Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Marikoji imadegawa agaru.. You can find the product in famous shopping centers such as Daimaru, Takashimaya, and Isetan. It is a must buy souvenir when you are in Kyoto.
Keihan About 7-mins walk from East of Demachiyanagi Station
City Bus About 2-mins walk from Hyakumanben

This shop is the first shop of Tenka Ippin before it began opening chains of shops throughout Japan. Kotteri-style ramen is the signature product. Foreigners who first tried this ramen may suffer from cultural shock from its thick and rich gravy like texture and super tasty flavor.
City Bus About 4-mins walk from Kamihatecho Kyotozokeigeidai-mae
(To Shohonten: Kyotoshi Sakyoku Ichijoji Tsukudacho 94)

The shop is located at Kyoto-shi Naka-ku Sanjo Kiyacho. Nagasaki Ramen can be seen printed on the sign curtain hung at the shop façade. It is famous for its sweet savory soup noodle. For extra flavor there are free toppings such as red ginger, sesame, and mustard. Expect queues if you want to get a taste of the famous noodle.
Keihan About 2-mins walk from West of Sanjo Station
Subway Tozai Line About 4-mins walk from South of Kyoto-shi Yakusho Mae
Keihan About 7-mins walk from Kawaramachi Station

Located at Kyoto-shi Nakaku Sakyocho 124. Watanabeya is a famous restaurant in Kyoto selling seafood as main dish. It has many choices ranging from sashimi, sushi to salad.
Subway Karasuma /Tozai Line
About 3-mins walk from Karasuma Goike

Akamaru is located at Shimogyoku Ayanokoji Higashi Ashikariyamacho 125. The shop, renovated from a traditional kyomachiya townhouse, offers a wide variety of food choices at a reasonable price.
Subway Karasuma Line About 6-mins walk from Shijo Station
Keihan About 6-mins walk from Karasuma Station

Marufuku is the place for Japanese wine and sushi for a reasonable price. The building is yet another renovated kyomachiya giving it an attractive and unique atmosphere in this modern world.
Subway Karasuma /Tozai Line
About 3-mins walk from Northwest of Karasuma Goike

Gokkoya is shop specialized in hot plate grilling beef delicacies. It is a good place to taste the famous Japanese beef at a reasonable price. The owner who is very welcoming is another signature of the shop.
Subway Tozai Line About 5mins walk from North of Kyotoshi Yakusho Mae City Bus About 4-mins walk from Kyotoshi Yakusho Mae

Okakita, a well-liked Udon shop, is located near Heian Jingu shirine. It is famous for its home-made noodle and meticulous use of ingredients. Menu includes udon, wheat noodle and donburi.
City Bus About 2-mins walk from Doubutsuen-Mae
Subway Tozai Line About 10-mins walk from North of Higashiyama Station

Nishiki Market, also known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, is a narrow shopping street about 390 meters long with about 126 shops and stalls, selling traditional Japanese foods, ingredients and utensils. A great place to find seasonal foods and Kyoto specialties, such as Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood and sushi.
Hankyu About 4-mins walk form Northwest of Kawaramachi Station
Keihan About 7-mins walk from West of Gion Shijo Station
Subway Karasuma Line About 4mins walk from Northeast of Shijo Station

Tousuiro is a famouse restaurant specialized in delicacies made from 100% soybeans. There are 2 outlets in Kyoto – Kiyamachi Honten and Gion-ten. The menu rotates according to seasonal ingredients availability.
Subway Tozai Line About 5-mins walk from South of Kyotoshi Yakusho Mae Station
Keihan About 3-mins walk from Northwest of Sanjo Station

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